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Walleting Services is your strong cryptocurrency partner ready to help you secure personal holdings, recover airdropped altcoins, and install our battle-tested enterprise level walleting system for your business.

Ready for crypto jobs big and small.

From onsite crypto solutions to an hour on the phone.

Secure your personal crypto holdings

Walleting.Services will work with you via voice, email, chat, or remote desktop to design a personal cryptocurrency storage strategy that is secure, easy to use, and easy to understand. You control your private keys. Learn More


Super Wallet | Our battle-tested enterprise walleting solution

The Super Wallet is our battle-tested solution for high volume services such as cryptocurrency exchanges. Easy integration with our robust API. Hot & Cold wallets for maximum security. Fully customizable. Learn More

From $ 125 /hr
Personal Crypto Consulting
From 10 % /wallet
Forked Coin Extraction Service

Business or personal, we have you covered on crypto.


We dig altcoins:

Starting with Bitcoin Cash on 8/1/17 and repeated many times since then, many forks of Bitcoin have been created. During these forks, if you held Bitcoin in a wallet where you control the private keys, you can claim these forked coins. These forked coins are free value for Bitcoin holders, but they can be confusing to redeem. WS offers a safe and secure method of extracting your forked coins. Use our Automated Forked Coin Extraction Tool
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